TurnSec Bicycle 4.0

Two-directional and electrically lockable turnstile with bicycle sluice consisting of:
1 Rotor column made of round hollow section D88.9 mm with three rows of welded on trombone arms made of round hollow section D26.9, 120°, stainless steel, V2A, grain 240
1 Swing gate and fixed gate panel bicycle sluice with horizontal bar infill made of round hollow section D26.9
1 Guide element half-height, made of round hollow section D60 and D40, with sheet metal infill between turnstile and bicycle sluice
Swing gate and handrail guide element made of stainless steel, grain 240
1 Deflecting element turnstile with curved side elements and deflecting arms D40 on the inside and outside
2 Operating posts made of rectangular hollow section 150×100 for the installation of control devices
2 Centre posts made of rectangular hollow section  150×100
2 Corner posts made of square hollow section 100
Top frame
Bottom frame hot-dip galvanised for installation with 200mm lowered foundation
Drive housing with drive and control unit WE-Tronic II
Turnstile to the right viewed from the outside
Passage height: 2140 mm, push through height approx. 1390 mm (bicycle sluice)
Passage width: approx. 620 mm between rotor and half-height guide element (turnstile), push trough width approx. 710 mm
Dimensions: H x L x W = 2630 x 2500 x 1500 mm (without roofing)
Diameter rotor: 1220 mm
Supply voltage: 230 V (1Ph + N + PE), 50 Hz
Passenger flow: approx. 15 persons/min (single release)
Weight: approx.760 kg (without roofing)
Temperature range: -10° C …+50°C

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